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Parents, We're Here To Help! We provide excellence in orthodontic care resulting in beautiful, confident smiles and genuine, unforgettable experiences. Every interaction reinforces that each person has value as an individual. We hope our positive interactions will motivate all recipients to uplift themselves and others. We provide rewarding opportunities for team members to be themselves and be respected for it. 

Together, we experience success, work synergistically and of course – CELEBRATE! When it comes to your child’s oral health, it’s never too early to get started. By age seven, most kids have their adult molars and an established bite, which makes it the best age for an evaluation. Taking proper precautions during childhood and adolescence greatly reduces and often eliminates any need for future surgery, giving your child the optimal chance for a great smile well into adulthood. If your child is seven and has not had an orthodontic examination yet, we recommend calling us to schedule an appointment.

Two locations in Murfreesboro and one in Smyrna!

152 Heritage Park, Murfreesboro – 615-848-0011

1370 Gateway Blvd., #220 – (615) 893-1629

1031 Sgt Asbury Hawn Way, Smyrna – 615-848-0011

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