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Our Vision We strive to provide children with the opportunity to explore and discover by carefully arranging rich learning environments and offering consistent interaction with the natural world.

Image of the Child Each one of us carries within us an image of the child that ultimately decides how we relate to children and decisions we make affecting children. At Enchanté, we respect and nurture each child’s individual potential for growth and development; physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. All children are viewed as capable, competent, creative beings. We believe that children have the right to make choices, explore, discover, create, and invent. Relationships are central to children’s learning. Education should focus on each child, not considered in an isolated state, but in relation with family, other children, teachers, the school environment and the wider society. Through these meaningful relationships, children learn to care for and respect one another and the importance of reciprocation. Children are resourceful and eager to learn about the world around them.

Evolution of Learning The learning process is lively, involving teachers, parents and the children. The “Child” is the first teacher. Children have a natural ability to learn. Through interaction with peers and their own inquisitive exploration, they learn to communicate and understand. Children must have time and space to discover and manifest who they uniquely are. The “Environment” is the second teacher. Children gather knowledge from the beautiful, inviting spaces of the school and the natural world. Our classrooms sustain and inspire physical, social, and emotional risk taking. The “Adult” is the third teacher. A child's learning is encouraged by parents, teachers and adult role models. We are an important part of the process by listening, making suggestions, and helping when needed.

Our Approach We are inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia. One of the major principles of this educational approach is the idea of “The 100 Languages of Children”. In Reggio, this refers to the multitude of ways children communicate and represent their feelings, understanding and creative selves. This can be exhibited in paintings, drawings, sculpture, block constructions, movement, dance, drama, computers and much more. Children want and need to express themselves by means of these symbolic languages and as they do so, they are learning to see people and objects from multiple perspectives. We know that social relationships are an important context for learning. Children have individual strengths and interests that contribute to a functioning group. When allowed to play together, work on projects and talk with other children and adults, a child’s learning is enhanced. With this approach, curriculum is established by the children’s emerging interests as they interact with their environment. Therefore, knowledge is acquired by the child’s interactions stimulating the child both intellectually and emotionally. Ongoing studies, known as Projects, are used to deepen children’s knowledge of topics of interest to them. These projects can emerge through a suggestion from an adult, a child’s idea or an event. Projects provide the foundation of the teacher’s and children’s learning experiences.

Hours of Operation Monday – Friday: 7:00AM – 5:00PM Following Sumner County District Calendar

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