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For over 100 years, Camp Lincoln for Boys and Camp Lake Hubert for Girls have excelled in providing one of the best sleep-away adventures in the United States. Our camps are located on opposite sides of Lake Hubert with over 700 wooded acres.  With more than 40 different land and water activities, our family-run camps offer the perfect playground for skill-building, fostering personal growth and development, and just having a blast.

Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert are non-sectarian camps that focus on five Core Values: Community, Excellence, Fun, Personal Growth and Development, Quality Relationships. These values guide our decisions, activities, actions, and expectations of both campers and staff alike.

We have an extensive activity skill-development program.  Every three days campers sign up for their activity choices – horseback riding, sailing, archery, waterskiing, riflery, pottery, wilderness (canoeing, kayaking, survival skills), windsurfing and more.

We offer various lengths of stay to accommodate camper readiness or the family schedule. Our 4 and 8-week camps are the most popular, as they provide the best opportunity for making the most of the total camp experience. Our 2 and 3-week camps are excellent choices for campers who want to experience the best of camp, just in a shorter time frame.

We also offer a variety of specialty camps: Family Camp, Coed Camp, and Intro Camp. Each specialty session provides a different adventure, while still staying true to our tradition of camping excellence.

Family Camp is the perfect getaway to spend time at the lake!  Family Camp is a five-day all-inclusive camp where families will live together in one of our traditional log cabins. and enjoy over twenty land and water activities, campfires, skit nights, BBQs, and relaxing afternoons on the dock. Available for current 2nd through 8th graders,

Coed Camp offers a traditional camp experience for boys and girls together. Campers participate in 8 days of self-chosen activities. Along with the instructional activities, there are theme nights, special events, campfires, cookouts and more.

Intro Camp is a great introductory session for first-time campers.  Designed for campers completing Kindergarten through 3rd grade, this program provides the opportunity to experience the best of camp in a much shorter time frame. Campers will experience a taste of our extensive activities as well as some of our long-standing camp traditions.  

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