I’m officially a mom: Harry Potter told me this

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When I first picked up a Harry Potter book, I was in grad school. Even though I was much older than the main characters, I identified with them and found my literary doppelganger in Hermoine, the bookish nerd who hung out with boys because they are easier than girls and was always telling them not to cheat off her papers.

But when I read the last few stories, I was a teacher. I was older and wiser and while I still loved Hermoine, my new literary identity was Professor McGonagall. Every day in my classes I strived to be like her: strict but respected, distant but likable. And able to turn into a cat. Once, one of my students compared me to her, and it was one of the greatest compliments of my life.

But I’m now reading the Harry Potter series again. It’s a wonderful treat, and I’m in the middle of book 5, having started with book 1 shortly after I received them for Christmas. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that my hero had changed once again. Now, I want to be Mrs. Weasley.

Every time Mrs. Weasley appears in the books, I get excited. So I guess my life goals have changed. What I want now is a family that loves and respects me, a group of kids who grow up to be dragon-tamers and dark-wizard catchers. I want six sons, a daughter, and a semi-adopted famous son with a scar on his forehead who are all just a little bit scared to tell me they stole the family car and took it flying. I want to have my dinner pots stir themselves.

So from Hermoine to Professor McGonagall to Mrs. Weasley, I think I’ve finally embraced my identity. I know who I am. I’m a mom.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m done. Who knows who I will relate to in the next few years? After all, if my oldest keeps pressing my buttons, it might be Lord Voldemort…

What about you? Do you have any Harry Potter characters you identify with? Or characters from other books? And was there a time when you realized you wanted to be “just” a mom?

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